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  Eventually, "Ekklesia Cafe and Piano Bar" will expand.  (God willing)!

--but for now, we need to improve our speaking and singing voices, okay? 

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“ The name, “Ekklesia Café and Piano Bar” came from my recalling all of the people who used to sit at the piano bar where I was playing, and later would tell me of the problems they were having. I wasn’t a minister of any kind then but they seemed to trust me for advice over a cool cocktail or beer. I also recalled a few people who said nothing, but later that night I learned that they had committed suicide after leaving for home. This was difficult for me, because I sort of felt I had an opportunity to offer some encouragement, or by chance might have played some music that would have delayed them from taking this turn in their lives, but I had missed the opportunity and it was too late. The experience I have being in the entertainment business half of my life, and then a non-denominational minister the other half, has planted within me a great awareness of the hurting people in all lifestyles. I see problems in government and religion where those who need understanding, open mindedness, special care, and love, are persecuted mostly by their own people. This can be especially true in marriage, and I’m sure in love relationships of all kinds. Luckily, God has given me the “gift” of singleness all these years. Not that I wanted it that way, but because this is the path He had planned to bring me to this place where I might let Him speak through me, instead of me making wrong decisions most of the time. “Ekklesia” is drawn from the scripture, Matthew 18:20. Assemble, for all different occasions. A special meeting place for the “called-out ones”. Where two or more are gathered in God’s Name, He tells us that He will be among us. This name seemed to remind me of the lounge piano bars where I used to pour my heart out with songs to satisfy the customers. This is why we have tried to keep that same setting even in our teachings. It can be spelled ecclesia or ekklesia, we chose the later. This is where we can have a central place for our planned and scheduled “come-together" ----Pastor Jay
Check out Jay's ('show-tune' type) Christian piano-bar praise song called "WOULD YOU BELIEVE"! The song Jay wrote, sings, and plays, was presented on his TV Show for a dear couple from our church at Lake Tahoe, NV.