"Pentateuch to Apocalypse"

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Pentateuch to Apocalypse

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#10 - This is the final church of the 7 churches mentioned in the first three chapters of the Book of Revelation. All the descriptions of Laodicea, might sound like the Capitalist system that is spreading all over the world today. In churches as well as governments. God doesn't say it is wrong, but for us to decide what is best, and if we are becoming "lukewarm", like the water flowing into their city.
#09 - In Greek the word philadelphia, refers to a brotherly love. This was a chance to bring up some other Greek words we use for "love" in English. God told them that they were a weak church but had kept His Word and had not denied His Name. For them to simply hold on to what they had, and they would be kept from the hour of trial that will come on all the earth to test the people.
#08 - We are exposed here to the outstanding fact that although we can look and act like good churches and Christians, most of us are really just playing 'church'! And although we have some good deeds, we have mostly forgotten what God has called us to do! We are "dead" as far as God is concerned, and stand in danger of being erased!
#07 - The 4th church of Revelation 2:18-29. Jezebel is rebuked by God because of her teaching. She is a familiar reminder of Queen Jezebel, the evil Queen of Israel. Can this be prophesied to come (With the 10-toes of David's Statue) when the beautiful 'whore' will be in control. In our advertizing, politics, religion, and almost everything needed to promote leadership? Anti-Christ destroys her?
#05 - John was told to write down the credits and faults of the 2nd and 3rd churches of the 7 churches of Rev 2:8-17. This was to demonstrate how far we have fallen. And what we can do to restore our religious organizations.
#06 - Now we are in the second chapter of the Book Of Revelation. We learn that in Ephesus there was a problem with the teachings of the Nicolaitans which might resemble the decay of our everyday life today. Revealing how those who overcome, will be able to eat from the "Tree Of Life" that Adam and Eve were denied. Showing God's purpose and plan for us from the very beginning. How He realized our weakness and struggles to overcome this life in order to be prepared for the eternity in God's Kingdom.
#04 - And now moving on to the book of Revelation 1:1-20 we see a small review of the last teachings, and then an introduction to seven churches that we can associate with the churches of today. God tells John to write down what He is describing, and give the words to the seven churches in the area. (These churches were in what we presently know as Turkey). NOTE: The last teaching of the "Statue", didn't include the two previous Empires before Nebuchadnezzar. They were Egypt, and Assyria, (which could be confusing when considering the Empires Daniel saw in his vision).
#03 - Daniel's visions and prophecy! This time the title is "The Statue", to set the scene of God's plan from the beginning. Notice the symbolism showing the 7 Empires, and the 10 Kingdoms (or nations) before Christ returns. And how they were influenced by Satan and the Antichrist.

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#02 - "Daniel's 70th Week" and "The Statue" set the scene indicating God's plan from the beginning. This end-times series is taken from audio cassette tapes recorded live at Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Pastor Jay is speaking his mind as he would believe God was directing him.

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