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lesson I, page 3

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#35 - A lot of reference of what we have been studying here, and continued commentary to prepare those who are not serious about these times, to simply get the assurance of belonging to God through His Son, Jesus Christ, while it is still called 'today'!
#34 - Here, we are introduced to "Babylon the Great", the mother of prostitutes! Glitter and glamour to seduce multitudes of people in end times. She is symbolized sitting on The "Beast with ten horns", coming up out of the waters of many peoples. On her head reads Mystery Babylon. This is not the city we will be reading about that God destroys. She will be destroyed by the ten kingdoms who will give all to serve the Antichrist.
#33 - A review of the seven bowls of wrath poured out on those who hesitate to accept God's love in favor of this world that is fading away as we know it. The only way, truth, and life is found through following Jesus Christ while it is still called, today! - (John 14:6).
#32 - Lawlessness is around us even now. It's held back by the church (the Holy Spirit). When the church is taken out of the way, the lawless one will be revealed. Coming, are 7 Angels with the plagues that will complete God's wrath. Included here are several examples of how our lives should be lived and how we are without sin when we totally believe and have God living in us. He protects us as His children, and gives us power.
#31 - Good and evil is growing together on earth. Multitudes of people, in a valley of decision. Symbolized as wheat and weeds; one plants, one waters, and another harvests. And the harvest separates the wheat from the weeds.
#30 - The Lamb, and the 144.000. We offer a lot of speculative commentary about those who were not ready to go with Jesus, but have the opportunity to suffer the wrath and refuse the mark of 666. Stuff to cause us to look more deeply into our beliefs now before it is too late.
#29 - The 3rd part of the unholy-trinity. If the listener can follow this commentary until the end, I'm sure he/she will hear some interesting possibilities of interpretation that they hadn't considered before. All of this is leading to that famous number, 666.
#27 - Satan loses the war in heaven and is tossed to earth with his fallen angels. He is the prince of the world now and doing everything God will allow him to do to destroy God's eternal plan.This is also a part of God's plan to strengthen the Believers in Christ, and separate those who are not with Him but against Him until the day He returns.
#28 - This Beast being the Antichrist is symbolism of 7 Empires and 10 Kingdoms within the "waters" of peoples and nations even seen by Daniel. Many interesting suggestions are offered in this commentary for us to consider.
#26 - The Woman being Israel, we see also the Antichrist (the Beast) and Satan (the Dragon) indicating the empires and kingdoms they would rule. The Woman also symbolically gives birth to Jesus and the Man-child (the 144,000 evangelists put on earth during the last 3 1/2 years of the Seventh Trumpet).
#25 - The angel sounding the seventh trumpet begins the last 3-1/2 years of the tribulation period. These years end with the second advent of Jesus Christ. We also take the opportunity to explain the "Trinity".
#24 - Who are these "Two Witnesses" God sends to bring wrath on those who are finally living in this world WITHOUT the Believers or Holy Spirit?
#23 - We look at several scripture references explaining the protection established for God's believers. Also, recall the five different "Temples" on earth as well as the Temple God has built within each of His Believers for Spiritual protection from the world around them while they live in their present body.
22 - We need to digest by feeding our spirit all that God teaches us. This is how we grow and understand the mind of God and His plan for eternity.
#21 - The angel with the 6th Trumpet is told to release the four angels that are being held captive in the river Euphrates. They are to kill a third of mankind. Other references are found in the Old Testament that seem to resemble these events.
#20b - Now is the One coming like a shooting star to earth who has the keys to release the king of the Abyss, Apollyon! Also locusts coming out of the smoke to torture but not kill the people who did not have the mark of God on their foreheads, but torture them for five months. And, not to harm the grass, trees, or any plants on earth.
#20a - Next are the "Trumpets". These will be the first four of the seven Trumpets handed to the seven angels sounding out destruction in different parts of the world.

END TIMES Pentateuch To Apocalypse