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Lesson I, Page 2

lesson 1, page 2.

To continue our end-times series ​

 â€‹"Pentateuch To Apocalypse"

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#19 - We now come to the opening of the final 7th Seal. Seven angels are given seven trumpets. Another angel, with a sensor, gives us a glimpse of how we are all to share in the prelude of destruction about to come on earth.
#18b - Before the troubles begin on earth, God has 144,000 marked so that they can continue to evangelize the full number coming into the Kingdom. 12,000 from each of the tribes of Israel, showing that the last days tribulation was basically stored up wrath against the Jews. However, there are Gentiles who do not believe. Those who repent, end up as described in the second half of this commentary.
#18a - When God's wrath begins to pour out, many who turned their backs on the warnings will want to die rather than face what they know is inevitable. We need to do whatever possible to show God's love to bring all our neighbors in all nations to follow Jesus (John 14:6)!
#17 - Opening the 6th Seal begins to show us that it isn't the end of the world, but the beginning of a change. Although everything will be dramatically changed, we are reminded of the words "existing forever" through-out the Bible.

     â€‹Looking not to END TIMES,

                                     but the BEGINNINGS of an Eternity with God.

#16 - Souls, are waiting under the altar in heaven for the final number to come. AUDIO teachings were held in our big tent next to our church, under the pine trees. Sounds of planes overhead and dogs barking. But the audio is reasonably clear.
#15 - These seals present the three remaining Horses of the Apocalypse. The Red Horse brings the end of peace, the Black Horse brings famine due to the warfare, and the Pale Horse is Death followed closely by Hades. They are given power over 1\4 of the earth.
#14 - To open the scroll, there are six seals. This time we are seeing the first seal opened and the image of a white horse visible. The AUDIO was very bad. However, we were able to do a voice over. This is a very important part of the revelation to John.
#13 - We are now getting in to the 'meat' of the revelation. A scroll with all that was to happen becomes available; --but who was worthy to open it? It turns out that the Lamb of God was the only one!
#12 - More details before we continue on in the Book of Revelation. Confirming that those who have received a "New-born Spirit", and Forgiveness through God's New Covenant of Love, will NOT be appointed to God's wrath! They have been washing by the blood of Christ Jesus, the Messiah. And return with Jesus at the Second Advent to be Eternally in the Kingdom Of God.
#11 - The first part of the Book of Revelation is now finished where we can see how today our churches can overcome to be ready for the prophecy of Daniel's 70th week. And beginning (in two parts) the vision of what we are to expect, using Old Testament verses to confirm what John was seeing in this revelation of THE THRONE IN HEAVEN. (first videos, below)

Pentateuch To Apocalypse (continued)