Thanks for being with us in this study of the birth-pains the world is experiencing!  God's plan for His new Kingdom On Earth!

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The CONCLUSION of our chronological commentary series.

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#43 - This tells of the New Jerusalem coming at the end of the millennium. Mostly the Pastor's own understanding and thoughts of these scriptures. Speculation to maybe cause more in-depth seeking of truth. God tells us everything in advance, so there must be some answers here to give more reality to the teaching we have had by so many teachers.
#45 - We come to the last of our 45 segment audio/video series. We stand on our understanding of the Christian scriptures by what we are fully convinced that God has put on our hearts to present as food for thought as you would pray first and study. It is so important that we are ready, yet we may not all totally understand at first. God tells us we know little now, but we will know more fully. It's Faith. If we love God in the way He loves, then does it matter? We are all His children regardless of nationality, religion, or the ability to totally believe what we believe. When we trust Him, He will make our paths straight.
#44 - This 60-minute audio might be called a sort of capsule of what the Pastor has gathered over the years from listening, reading, praying, and being guided into an honesty of life he could not avoid for himself. Trusting his open minded view of what the Spirit has given him to eventually put on this audio commentary will reach and encourage others who are still seeking the truth. The Pastor requests that you pray study and ask God living in your heart for the right path to His Kingdom.
#42 - Examining things in which we get involved that would keep us from entering the kingdom of God! ....That is, if God hadn't prepared in advance for us to become 'over comers' before we fall off the cliff (so to speak)! Yet, some enter as if "escaping through the flames"!
#41 - For the "Believer", this is the beginning, not the end times! The first day of the rest of our lives, a life of eternity in the Kingdom of God. Whatever nationality, religion, or lifestyle, we urge you to understand the "road map" John gives us. (John 14:6-7). When a believer receives God in his heart he receives the temple of God. He has become a changed person. Maybe no one can see the change, but he has been born again in the Spirit. (John 3:3) As we pray and cut deeply into the scriptures, we see that this is the same "change" that happens to the heavens and the earth. Yet maybe it can only be noticed by those who have "eyes to see, and ears to hear". We are encouraged to have been told that the heavens and earth, as well as the Word and David's Throne will last forever. Don't be scared away by the kinds of teaching we might hear almost every day. We may already be experiencing what is called, "the birth pains"! Yet we endure, seeing our future unfolding day by day as confirmed by ancient prophecy.
#40 - There will be a time in accordance with biblical numerology, God will demonstrate why the "weeds" that were separated, are of no value to the eternity God has predestined for all creation. No nation, religion, or people were designed to suffer wrath. It is by their own weakness, greed, and lack of love for God and neighbor, that the Judge, King, and High Priest at the end of a thousand years must illustrate why the "wheat" must continue their generations separated in torment from their only God and Father. The Way, Truth, and the Life they never found. As we think about this, it is still not too late!
#39 - The great war of Armageddon. Starting off, we look at God's plan creating this world. Remembering how through His Word He has told us everything He was going to do which included this great war prior to the return of Jesus, and His taking the throne in Jerusalem and ruling over all the world as King for a thousand years.
#37 - The guests God had chosen to be at the wedding, declined. So, we were invited instead and became the "Bride". Regardless of race, nationality, past or present sins, lifestyle, or religion. This is salvation through "faith", not works.
#38 - The "Judge", being Jesus coming on a White Horse! He is followed by all the saints and angels dressed in the white linen of righteousness. We are preparing for the Great War next time called the Armageddon.
#36 - This study describes clearly the difference between Mystery Babylon, and the literal Babylon that is to be destroyed by God. It reminds us that Christians must continue to work out their salvation through all forces that might come against them.

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