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May all people of gender, nations, religions, atheists, or the rich, make this your goal..... 

Alaa, and the kids.....

 Fresh manna for the homeless and hungry.

The first videos we did were in a tent with vehicles and people going by.  

But stick  with us they get better.                                    

And then, those in authority said no! 

Servants Of All People

Many of us have had a life changing experience happen to us where we know without a doubt that God has come to live in us. We are told that God loved us first, He is just waiting for us! We know we will always be sinners, and He has simply asked us to lay in His arms and let Him tell us what He had prepared in advance for us to be and do from the beginning of time. As we listen to Him in our hearts, we realize how we got involved in those experiences during our life's journey, that we didn't necessarily choose to do, but didn't resist. Yet, experiences that became tools God could use in us to help others. His creation on earth and the universe. But now, where do I start? Talking with Him in prayer would be the first thing. His written Word is not just paper and ink, as it looks like. It is called the “living Word” for good reason. You may see something different each time you read the same passage. God can talk to us this way. We would suggest that you begin with the 4th book of the New Testament, in the book of John. Continue on to Hebrews and Romans. Then the rest of the New Testament, refering to the Old Testament only when it is mentioned. A 2nd reading would be the whole Bible. You might find yourself doing things you didn't plan to do. Like my writing this message. ---Pastor Jay


FOOD & PERSONAL NEEDS: To feed the hungry. (try to meet basic food needs as the Lord provides.) (Where possible, to provide free or affordable clothing to those who have lost all their possessions) OPPRESSION: Letting God be the Judge of lifestyles. We believe that in these end times that the devil is at work even in the churches to cause some to believe that they would never be acceptable to God. We encourage Homosexuals to love and know their Lord and Savior; to come to Him as they are! Trust in Him in all they do. Letting Him guide their paths. Assuring them in Faith that they are loved by God as all His children are, standing with them when they are being abused by traditional religious doctrines and adversaries. BONDAGE: Bringing all who suffer bondage and abuse (of their own doing or at the hands of others) to the miraculous RECOVERY in and through CHRIST alone. PRISON VISITATIONS: Visiting Jails, Juvenile Detentions, and Prisons, with the Good News of forgiveness through the blood of Jesus Christ. WIDOWS, ORPHANS, & GENERAL NEEDS: (To visit and share whatever God would provide, at Convalescent Homes, Hospices, Children programs, HIV Centers, Juvenile Detentions, Halfway Houses, Special Training Programs, etc.) HOSPITALS: (Visitation of encouragement and love. Prayer for needs that arise.) MISSIONS: (Love all God's children in other countries as well as your own. To help set up training and work for those who are trying to overcome their problems and stand on their own feet in God's strength; and not have to rely on the generosity of other governments and benefactors. But instead, become a witness and a catalyst of God's provision, love, and strength for all mankind.) We are not yet accomplishing our full potential in all of these dreams, but perseverance and prayer will lead us to those places closest to God's compassion. God has called us to be generous and charitable. That He will replenish all we give. We are to trust Him as He makes us His agents and ambassadors, giving us power of attorney to complete the work He began. His promises provide for the needs of all people. Our dream as "Servants Of All People" (S.O.A.P.), is to become an important vessel in this work at home and throughout the world.

​​​​​​The Love of God and aLL Mankind

Struggling to make a nice garden and coffee shop on the Nile in Upper Egypt for the needy and families without fathers, and mothers who have no education to provide for her children. But the rich and the government have continually stood in the way of Alaa, my friend and partner.

Our Recent Project In

El Maragha, Egypt

An Egyptian newsvideo of the destruction.